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“Justice is what love looks like in public.”  – Cornel West

Think. Do. Repeat. was founded by Elissa Perry to help people and groups of people be better at what they do.  We work primarily with people and organizations driven by a social mission and believe firmly in the need for cross-sector collaboration and for leadership that is transformative, adaptive and of service to the world.  We have deep experience in nonprofits, education and the arts and combine successful models and approaches from multiple sectors and organizational types to achieve results and make a difference.

We are driven by the simplicity on the other side of complexity as well as by the values of human dignity, creativity and global justice and seek to embody these values in all of our initiatives and places of learning and working.

A cycled process gives us greater stretch.

Recent clients and projects include:

  • Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership – Organizational Development & Communications Planning
  • TCC Group/Irvine Foundation’s Strengthening Organizations to Mobilize California Initiative – Leadership Development & Facilitation
  • Saint Mary’s College of California’s Leadership Studies Programs – Organizational Development & Planning
  • Individual Leaders – Values & Leadership Coaching

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